ODWCC AGM 2022 Minutes



Pete Smith

Bob Dunkley

Amie McArdle

Sue +Gary


Pete Taplin

Tim McArdle

Neil Priddy

Jack WIlliams

Clive Stringer

JoJo Town

James Town

  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Chairman’s report

Bob will put in a donation for this year, and will try to get to more games to Umpire.

  1. Treasurer's report

Just about broke even. A few exceptional expenses which were covered by donations. Accounts are on the Club Website

  1. Captain’s report

Despite a record winning Summer Jack was most pleased about the number of people who played.

Overall the season was good and he is excited about the new season. He hoped for a few more weekends when we should get 2 teams out.

20/20’s were fun as was the game we played with a “100” format

  1. Election of officers
  1. Chairman. Bob Dunkley
  2. Vice-Chair  Neil Priddy
  3. Treasurer .  Clive Stringer
  4. Fix Sec  Pete Smith
  5. Sec. Clive Stringer (with assistance from Jack Williams when required)
  6. Safe-Guarding lead. T.Mcardle
  7. Social Sec.   Jamie Beckett
  8. Vice-Presidents.. C Target added.
  9. Captain.. Jack W
  10. Vice Captain  .. 2 Vice Skippers….Ben Hemmings  / Tim McArdle

  1. Anniversary plans.  

Shirts were on order. Serious Sport website was in the process of being updated with the new logo. It was agreed that we should get ties with the new logo to present to founding members at dinner in Nov.

Match against School- Jack to reply to Mr Lynch to liase about dates and format

Chairman's game- 29th May.  BarBQ Naz to organise

Tour. tim reported that the games arranged so far were  Fri 20/20 Cowes

Game on Sunday at 10am (Ventnor)

Sat No game yet but we potentially have a ground we can use.

It was agreed that the Club would finance a minibus

Dinner was arranged for Nov 12th . Jamie/Jack to book Dartford Football Club (Larger room)

It was agreed that we would run a sponsored fifties/3 wickets haul event. Pete Taplin agreed to run it.

  1. 100 club

There had been a drop off in numbers and we needed to recruit more members.

  1. Bank Account.

It was agreed that we add  signatures on the account to Bob Dunkley (Chair), Neil Priddy (Vice Chair). Pete Smith would provide details of the card reader with potential to link to the account.

  1. Fixtures 2022..Few new games. List to be published ASAP. More games would be early starts

AOB  Jack stated that he wanted to join a competitive competition, Pete Smith would provide details of what was available.