Match Report

08/09/2013 v EYNSFORD


Summer ends at Eynsford

Gail Froggatt 8th September 21:27

It's either a great honour or a chore that nobody else wanted to do, being asked to write the match report. This marks a first for me, despite coming and "watching" ODCC regularly, I've never actually watched a game! I've made glances towards the field as yells go up of HOWZAT and CATCH in between the sips of Cider, Wine, on rare occasions tea and the next chapter of whichever book I'm reading.

After some delay, due to deliberation over the weather and the damp pitch, Captain Pistol won the toss, chose to field based on his gut feeling (hungry. "Don't want to have to sit and wait to bat smelling those sausage rolls"). Charlie opened the bowling. Not a lot happened. It rained.

Mark (morph?) bowled. Still nothing happened. Charlie bowled again, the bat got an edge, Max jumped but missed the catch. Oh well. The sun came out for a bit. The score is 7 off 2, apparently the not a lot happening is ok as it's keeping the bat score low. Charlie bowls. Mark bowls, Peg misses a stop, it goes for 4. Ooooh something happened. The score is 11 off 4 Charlie bowled, it hit a leg, a yell went up, it wasn't given. Mark (cooper) was just too far off for a catch but at least it stopped a 4. Captain Pistol had a change around of the fielders. Reporters view blocked by Mark Coopers backside, it's ok didn't miss much, not a lot happened. Mark bowls. Charlie bowls, have you noticed his Fred Flintstone Tippytoes style run up? There was a nice stop by Clive, who promptly fell over. Mark bowls, the batsman got a good hit, it went straight up and came down into TimMc's hands, luckily he held on. That's more like it something a bit more happened. The score 16 for 1 in the 8th over. Captain Pistol, cliche king. Come on lads 1 brings 2.

Charlie bowls, bat hits a nice 4 The score 24 off 9 Mark bowls, Harry bowls. 2nd ball caught behind by Josh. Lovely more happenings. The score 24 for 2 in the 10th over Ooooh bit of controversy, the stumps were off a catch behind. Not given. The appeal was a glove. Mark bowls, TimMc runs, saves a 4. Good one. The score 36 off 12 A ball was hit, straight to Charlie, he ended up on his back, no ball in hand. The score 40 off 14 Harry bowls, new ball please, they've lost the other one. Yell for a leg, not given. According to the sidelines it was too high. Peg bowls, the bat gets to it, it trundles to the river but doesn't quite make it The score 54 off 16 Harry bowls, the bat gets a good contact and flys over the fence hits a brick wall for a 6. Charlie stops a 4 and throws for a run out, although I think he's a little confused as he manages to hit the running batsman, not the still stumps. Peg bowls, Harry bowls, a dive for Clive and a catch for Mark (morph) The score 77 for 3 in the 21st over A drop by Max and a bowl from Peg, the batter hits a 6 (and Sam who was fishing) to reach 50 Max bowls, TimMc drops, Pete dives, it rains, the bails go flying and the rain finally stops play. Early tea. Nomnomnom

The score board says 93 for 3 in the 22nd over. Not convinced anyone's updated it. A pitch inspection and talk of Jack Duckworth (I thought he was pigeons, not cricket) The cover is removed and the pitch left to air a bit, we didn't waste the time, a quick game of hot potato to get warmed up again and the discussion results in a drop to 30 overs game. The groundsman he says "no, not on my pitch." Not sure the official ruling but under my rules "you give up. I win"

It's a shame really as the overcast conditions and damp ground are fully conducive to a bit of swing bowling

v EYNSFORD 99 for 4



Clive Stringer

Neil Priddy



T McArdle

J Harrington

Mark Richardson



C Perfitt



Pete Smith

M Higgs

H Cullingham



Mark Cooper

Max Maynard



0 FOR 0 ---Abandoned