Match Report

31/07/2011 v Ryde Cavaliers


Highest individual score set by Sam

Our second game was a relatively short trip over to Ryde to play the Ryde caveliers and once again the venue didnt dissapoint set in a lovely set of fields right next to the Ryde Speedway track, Smallbrook Stadium, which sounds as if it probably shouldnt have been all that but it was another cracking venue. Richard won the toss and elected to bat and that was pretty much all anyone had to do as Sam took to the caveliers as much as the lads had to 'spoof' and with the Ace starting the innings with him had reached his 50 whilst Jason was still on 2 and had only faced 6 balls. He didnt stop there either and with a regular set of partners alongside him he took to demolishing all that was put in front of him. Frantic phone calls and text messages and internet searches meanwhile were being instigated to check what the best ever score for an individual and when we eventually settled on Jocky's 145 vs Ightham, it was soon apparent that we neednt have bothered as any record must have been smashed by Sam's magnificent 184 (I'm sure clive will confirm) It should also be pointed out that this was a 35 over game and Sam batted 33 of those when he was unceremoniously run out by Stu which led to pantomime villan style hoots of meriment on the side. And to be fair that was the only way he could have got out as he played that magnificently - Well Done Sam!!!! Cavaliers gave it a good go but chasing a whopping score of 263 was never going to be easy without a similar effort from one of their players and it never materialised although they did have two smart batsmen make terrific 50's and were by no means disgraced in the end. James led the bowling that particular days play with a brilliant 7 overs 4 maidens for 7 runs and 1 wicket. An easy drive and ferry ride home followed and I'm sure everyone will agree what a great weekend it was, and I for one can't wait for the next one.

v Ryde Cavaliers 192 for 6



Sam Field


Jason Allen




T McArdle


Adam Deal


C Perfitt




sean walker


S Cooper

4 *



Colin Deal

James Denman



Martin Smith



Richard Coverly



261 FOR 6 ---won