Match Report

26/07/2009 v Wagonners


OD's win at last

McArdle and Allen set new 6th Wicket record

We all arrived at the ground only to find that the opposition were playing somewhere else. Somewhat disappointed that we were not playing on that lovely pitch, the mood was soon uplifted when we found out that we were playing at Kentís ground. Upon arriving at Kentís ground the mood was soon dampened when we realised that we were again at the wrong pitch and we were in fact playing at a Schoolís ground. When we did finally get there we were confronted with a decent pitch so no further complaints on the matter.

Even though we started late they wanted a full forty over game. Naturally this scared us because we normally only need about 30 to get all out.

Adam and Mark opened the batting. The oppo had their two best bowlers bowling a good line and length and they restricted our scoring considerably at first. Adam went for a quick run, unfortunately his knees didnít and he meandered slowly down the wicket only to watch at close range as the ball hit the stumps from an impressive throw. He scored 3. Adam blamed 20 20 cricket for making him impatient. We were scoring at about 1.2 an over at that point and we wondered what Ďpatientí would have scored.

Mark was next to go with an LBW given by Coverely for 4. From where I was I couldnít see the ball properly but apparently according to Mark it was high. Iíll show him the bruise if he wants Mark exclaimed as he pointed to his thigh. This was a man not happy!

The opposition were down to 9 players so we offered help in the field until two Kent under 9 females joined the team. How good is an under 9 Kent female we wondered! Peg was next to get out caught for 16. Bowmer came into the fold and some devilish bounce undid the man and he was out I believe for a duck. Tim and Sam were now at the crease and we were 4 wickets down with about 40 Ė 50 on the board. It is fair to say that at this stage the main bowlers had finished their overs and so the part time bowlers had a go including one of the under 9 girls. The youngsters showed a lot of promise in the bowling department but that varied line and short boundary allowed us to score quickly. Sam said to me in the middle I donít like facing a girl, I said why in case a girl gets you out "Yes" Sam said. It was a fair point. Imagine the ribbing we would have got for the rest of the season. Peg was no doubt licking his lips in anticipation.

Sam found himself out caught for 36 which to this very day (the day after) he still regrets. The Ace joined the fold and between he and Tim they put on a 109 run partnership. The Ace who scored quickly and free flowingly was bowled for 41. Coverley and Tim wrapped things up with Tim passing the 100 mark for the first time in his First Class batting career. Tim finished with 111 not out but in the last ball of the game managed to run the Covers out for 1. (You never know if that one run would count so you have to go for it. Right Rich Rich. Rich

223 scored The tea was nice. Lovely chicken marinated and cooked in a sauce along with your classic sandwich selection.

We took to the field knowing that we had a good chance of winning. We wanted to take these wickets and step up our game.

Charlie and Bob opened the bowling with some outstanding consistency. After 10 overs the opposition had only scored 8 runs. The bowling did include a full toss from Charlie straight onto Markís knee that left him on the floor squealing. It looked painful but the big man got back up and carried on. (I think Stuart has left a tough man legacy associated with the Wicket Keeper position). Bob took the first 5 wickets with some excellent bowling. Apparently his toes are getting better and the increased movement is helping him get back to his best. Bob it was a joy to behold!

Something strange happened this day. Dartechs players decided to start catching the ball. Apart from the Ace who some claimed dropped a catch off Bobís bowling to hinder his overall Dartechs tally, Bowmer took two catches, Richard took a low one at his feet, Mark juggled one but held on, Tim took another low one at point and the Ace took a diving catch. What changed this week know one knows. In the end we had them eight wickets down for only about 100 runs or so. The under 9ís came in and we all waited for a slower ball from Peg WHOOOOOOSH went the first ball and the second. 9 years old! Female! Peg didnít care. It was raining and we hadnít won since Newcastle United last did. To be fair to Peg by the time he had helped get them all out he had only given one of the girls a nasty bruise.

Peg wrapped up the innings with the Aceís fine catch and we walked off the field knowing we had finally won a game this season. Itís a good feeling drinking beers from a glass that gets repeatedly topped up by a jug!!!.

Bring on next week.

v Wagonners 92 for 10



Adam Deal


Mark Cooper


Neil Priddy




Sam Field




James Bowmer


T McArdle

111 *

Jason Allen




Richard Coverly


C Perfitt



R Parsons



Bob Dunkley



223 FOR 7 ---.WON