Match Report

23/05/2010 v MEOPHAM


Momentum lost at Meopham God it was hot and even God was hot. In a match where we probably wanted to bat first, Adam the useless tosser lost the toss. We headed out in such heat that even standing still meant we were working our bodies too hard and had sweat running into our eyes. Brad decided to pull out last minute although I hear he didn't think to tell anyone, some of the boys had to guess from his facebook comments. I bloody hate facebook but hate even more an attitude that lets the team down. If you can't play for whatever reason be up front and let the person know early enough that we can draft in a replacement. Richard Parsons this is a comment on your general day to day life not just cricket! Anyway, Brad's blatant disregard for his teammates meant I had to go behind the stumps. Knackered after playing football in the morning I reluctantly agreed due to my bowling being so bad that there was no justifying my not doing it. In a nutshell considering we only had 10 men we bowled and fielded valiantly. We restricted the opposition to 144 or something along those lines. Considering they had 38 overs this was a good effort. Bob bowled like Bob, on the money and got the rewards, and Matt bowled like Bob and got just rewards. If we all bowl like Bob I think we may be onto something. To be honest all bowled well including Charlie who bowled some good variation that I hadn't seen before last season. Definitely is going to pay dividends come the end of the season. Catch of the season was had by Billy. If you can picture Matt bowling at the batsman, the batman smashing it back to the bowler, Matt sticking out a foot in a girlie fashion, it deflecting off his heel and flying twenty metres to Billy to catch him out. The bemused batsman stood there for a good ten seconds contemplating his misfortune as we swapped between cheer and guffaw repeatedly. Matt also takes credit for a great run out although I must admit when the ball left his hand I did think it was thrown like a girl and as it hit the stumps and the batsman walked off I ran over to Matt to tell him so. Stand in wicket keeper took two catches and a run out - credit to Charlie for a good throw in. As was likely with not many batsmen there, the bowling was our high point this week as was seeing Billy's little brother with his parents. Little Billy is actually 'littler' than Billy. Who'd have thought that was possible! Really good lunch on offer although we were probably a little too hot to eat much. Where's Mark when you need him Not too much to speak about with the batting, three wickets down after about three overs. There was me coming in at five wrongly thinking I could do with a rest. With a little bit of luck and a good few spanks to the boundary I got us into an interesting position. At 49 I heard Amie tell Tamsyn that when daddy scores another run you have to say Yeahhhhhhh and clap. From that point on the team and I knew fate had dealt it's card, Amie had ruined my chances and four balls later I was on my way back to the changing room having to explain to Tamsyn why Daddy didn't need to be clapped after all. A notable sensible bat from Charlie who supported me with careful play when I was in bat and later on took it upon himself to try and drive the team forward himself. Alas it was too little and at 98 we found ourselves short but having had put in a good enough performance to walk heads held high. I say walk, it was very hot and we were very tired and some of us staggered. Next match let's have eleven players and give them a good game.

v MEOPHAM 146 for 10



Adam Deal


James Bowmer




T Grey


B Martin




T McArdle


Max Maynard




C Perfitt




M Gutteridge




Pete Smith




Bob Dunkley

0 *



87 FOR 9 ---lost