April 7th






1.Treasurer’s report


Clive explained that the club was in good shape and that the accounts had been posted on the website (bottom of home page). He had changed the accounting period to April - March


2. Officers’ reports


Clive read out a statement from Tim McArdle in his absence



3. Election of Officers


Chair- Bob

V Chair- Tim Laidlaw

Treasurer/Secretary (It was decided to combine roles)- Clive

Captain- Pete Smith

V Captain- Pete Taplin


4. Fixtures 2018


To be published. There was support for more 20/20 games


5. 100 Club


Looking after the finances would remain with the treasurer but we would ask Paul Allen to help boost numbers etc.


It was decided that the club would fund Caps for players with 100 club numbers


We also decided to see if we could amend ordinary Caps into “special” caps for awarding players with long service or significant performances



6. Jon’s trophy


Clive suggested that we award the trophy to the winners of the Chariman’s game. Pete S to speak to Bob about this


7. Social events




8. AOB